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Carers Matter – Everybody’s Business part 2


a guide to supporting carers better through staff learning
and development

Part 2 is aimed at those who are directly responsible for commissioning or delivering learning and development. It provides fuller guidance on the learning and development of staff in relation to meeting carers needs.

Carers Matter – Everybody’s Business part 2 contains an introduction to:

  • Why provide Learning and development about carers
  • What CMEB means by 'staff'
  • Important question before you begin - business case
  • Beginning the journey – the Common Core Principles for Working with Carers
  • Six steps to developing your staff in relation to carers
  • Developing your organisation – more than just training
  • Developing the right level of staff development
  • The three levels of development
  • Selecting the right learning and development materials
  • Adapting the materials to the local scene
  • Involving carers in developing your staff
  • Knowing if your learning and development has made a difference
  • Getting going with supporting material (part 3 of CMEB).

Please click here to download Carers Matter – Everybody’s Business part 2.


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