Primary Care Workforce Strategy

Create the local healthcare workforce strategy that your community needs

We support the development of a skilled, sustainable workforce at local levels, for improved primary care services that deliver public benefit, across primary care networks and integrated care systems.

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Your local health issues are challenges we can help solve

As the Sector Skills Council for Health, we inform national, regional, and local policy based on the real-world demands of patients, whatever the setting. Addressing primary care workforce challenges is our priority, helping to better understand and support the improvement of patient care before health issues escalate to acute settings.

We understand workforce challenges at all levels of the healthcare system

Developers of several national Primary Care competency frameworks

Able to evaluate local community health issues to understand the needs of your workforce

Trusted by NHSE to develop meaningful Primary Care Solutions

Championing the development of primary services, solving healthcare issues in the community

Applying nearly 20 years’ experience across all primary and community healthcare settings

Carefully aligning local healthcare service needs to your people

Whether you’re managing a General Practice, local care services, care in the community, or other primary care facilities, it’s important to recognise the specific health needs of your local population, carefully aligning workforce development tools, skills and training, and your potential recruitment pools to properly map the workforce that will effectively meet service needs. We can help by:

  • Working with you to develop a clear understanding of the health issues that matter most, and the future recruitment and skills you’ll need to meet them

  • Help to collaborate with other services and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) benefitting from shared knowledge and resources

  • Scenario-plan for the future service and workforce needs, looking ahead at the health needs in 5, 10, or 20-years

  • Benefit from specialist events, webinars, and resources to support workforce development working with HEE and leading NHS bodies

Organisations that trust us to deliver

We’ve helped hundreds of primary care networks and community healthcare organisations develop their workforce to reach their full potential.

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Integrated tools and solutions

We work directly with leading NHS bodies, employers, private healthcare providers, and social care organisations to ensure that the outcomes of workforce development and strategic planning projects are designed to empower you to upskill, recruit and retain a sustainable workforce and healthcare service fit for the future.

GPs are always busy, but workforce planning can help to alleviate the pressure points and is worth the investment of time to reap the benefits later. The sessions were engaging and transformed workforce planning from an enormous and complex thing into something doable.

Daisy Robinson, GP Partner, North Devon Primary Care Network Workforce Planning Pilot

Primary Care Workforce Planning insights

Read specialist insight pieces from some of the health sector’s leading experts – or download brochures, case studies and healthcare research reports from the Skills for Health Information Hub.