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Discover LearnSpace, your all-in-one solution for seamless compliance management and eLearning integration. A platform where you can effortlessly track, manage, and evidence compliance, monitor progress, and streamline training.

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Why use LearnSpace learning management system?

LearnSpace is an all-in-one solution for seamless compliance management and eLearning integration. With our platform, you can effortlessly track, manage, and evidence compliance, monitor progress, and streamline training. Our simple and intuitive platform offers flexibility for learners and managers alike – bringing together your eLearning and compliance needs in one space.

Our organisation needed a learning solution for reporting against mandatory training compliance accurately. Skills for Health worked with us to implement LearnSpace LMS, allowing us to effectively manage this. The team at Skills for Health are always so helpful and go above and beyond to support our learning needs. Thank you for all your support.

Alison Knight, Training Facilitator, Primary Care 24

Why not make compliance easy?

Empower learners to effortlessly track and manage their course progress and see clearly what courses they need to take, and when. For managers, our compliance dashboards allow you to easily report by individual, department, and organisation level. 

Highlighted Features

  • Organisation heirarchies – build your company structure in the system, assign roles and departments, and track each part of the business for compliance 

  • Easily assign courses  – use the course allocation matrix to give access to individual or groups of courses to users 


  • System notifications – never miss a beat: notify your users with compliance reminders, to make sure you always keep on top of things 

  • Compliance dashboards – make it easy for your people leaders, so they can track the progress of their employees. Make it easy for your learners, so they can see what training they need and when 

  • Unlimited support as Sector Skills Council for Health, we want you to get the best out of your learning management system. Get open access to our in-depth user guides, online support portal, and contact our customer service Help Desk at any time 

  • Take your existing training with you – import records at any time. If you add new employees who have already completed mandatory training, they don’t have to do it again, saving time and money

  • Custom certification cycles – run your training, your way. Set your own refresher cycles and targets 

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Tiers and features

LearnSpace Lite
LearnSpace Core
LearnSpace Pro
LearnSpace Enterprise

Our free, entry-level solution, ideal for organisations looking to assign and track user progress with standard reporting.

Powered by Moodle Workplace.

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Price per user

Allows you to manage training and compliance at an organisational, team and individual level, offering all the features of LearnSpace Lite and more.

Powered by Moodle Workplace.

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Price per user

Create a tailored training space, including custom design, and improved course assignments as well being able to host your own courses.

Powered by Moodle Workplace.

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On Application

Offers bespoke learning management designed to your needs with customisable courses, virtual classrooms, and tailored learner experiences.

Powered by Totara.

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User management
Bulk user management
Suspend/archive users
Login as another user
System administrator accounts




Progress tracking
Compliance dashboard
Expiry and due date notifications
Progress tracking report
Report formats

Dashboard and PDF

Dashboard, PDF, CSV, Excel

Dashboard, PDF, CSV, Excel

Custom reports
Scheduled reports
Organisation hierarchy

One Time setup via onboarding

Training groups

Up to 5

Up to 20


Edit training groups

Via our support team

Via our support team

Assign users to job roles and groups
Create/manage positions and departments

One time set up via onboarding

Assign roles (permissions)
Upload your own courses
Course categories and libraries
Custom certification cycles

Set at implementation or change via our support team

Create your certification
Import learner records

As part of onboarding

Course assignment
Administrator/manager notifications
User notifications
New user notification
Customisation of notifications
Your company branding
URL customisation


SSl encryption certificate

Some of our clients

Discover eLearning courses from Skills for Health

Our comprehensive eLearning content library offers a wide range of easy to use, high quality courses that deliver statutory and mandatory training in line with your compliance needs.  As authors of the Core Skills Training Framework®, you can be assured our training meets the trusted benchmark for learning outcomes. 

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