Service and Role Design

We’ll delve into the healthcare services you want, and the workforce need to deliver it

20 years’ experience in healthcare means we understand the complexities of service redesign and the strategic workforce development methods you need to make your ambition a reality.

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Uncovering the root of your workforce and service delivery challenges

Healthcare providers often face pressure to take action to reshape services and teams to improve quality, clinical effectiveness and address rising demand. Working with our expert team who really understand the healthcare landscape can help you identify and assess new cost-effective models for service delivery and explore different workforce options.

Our tailored approach, built on facilitation, is competence based and complemented with access to an extensive range of workforce and diagnostic tools, and resources. This will enable you to redesign roles and services to deliver better patient care.

Curating a solution to deliver better patient care

All great workforce plans start with understanding the service and mapping role design to achieving better patient outcomes. Just a few of the ways service and role design could help you:

  • Develop a better understanding of who is doing what in which service

  • Standardise your approach to mapping workforce data across local regions and systems

  • Understand exactly what training and skills needs might benefit from external support and impact your workforce positively

  • Streamline service delivery to make a healthcare system fit for the future

Services we’ve help redesign

We’ve helped hundreds of organisations review and develop their services around healthcare needs and workforce opportunities

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Integrated tools and solutions

We work directly with leading NHS bodies, employers, private healthcare providers, and social care organisations to ensure that the outcomes of workforce development and strategic planning projects are designed to empower you to upskill, recruit and retain a sustainable workforce and healthcare service fit for the future.

The competences provided a useful framework for developing the new job descriptions and helped us talk about a quality service rather than targets. Having competency-based job descriptions will enable us to monitor performance against national standards and plan relevant staff development activities.

Linda Patton, Trust Patient Access Manager, Northern Health and Social Care Trust

Service Design and Workforce Planning insights

Read specialist insight pieces from some of the health sector’s leading experts – or download brochures, case studies and healthcare research reports from the Skills for Health Information Hub.