Customised Career Frameworks

Make informed, effective plans for every staff group in your organisation

Based on workforce priorities we will help you map competence requirements of local roles to provide you with significant long-term benefits for your organisation.

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Investing in future roles for better patient outcomes

Customised Career Frameworks can support you to develop the future workforce needed to support increasing patient demand, whether you’re conducting healthcare service reviews, or simply want to redefine roles for your organisation, we can support you to identify the crucial skills and responsibilities your workforce need to provide better patient care.

  • Increase flexibility and diversity of roles within your workforce, for improved patient outcomes

  • Provide insight to tackle current and predicted skills gaps in your organisation so you can act

  • Identify suitable training and education to deliver ongoing development for staff

  • Help improve patient experience by matching suitable roles to patient needs

  • Make staff recruitment, development, and transfers a more open and objective process

  • Improve staff retention by providing greater opportunities and career options

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Support that is making an impact

A wide range of our Frameworks can be found on the Information Hub, and we continue to update the below with relevant resources about Career Frameworks either available to use a tool, or currently in development.

Framework development insights and articles

Read specialist insight pieces from some of the health sector’s leading experts – or download brochures, case studies and reports from our extensive library.