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Understanding data to get a complete view of your challenges

Ambit helps you assess, measure, benchmark and improve how your workplace is performing in relation to essential aspects of organisational life.

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Why choose Ambit?

Ambit offers a clear and simple diagnostic process via a quick, easy to use online survey. It gives you access to guidance and support from our team of knowledgeable, experienced research and business development experts – from the interpretation of report findings to innovative suggestions for actions that could lead to improvement. Ambit offers three levels of analysis and reporting, depending on your needs and resources, so you can choose the level of analysis that is right for your organisation.

Flexible options to suit bespoke organisational needs

Driven by an online survey that gives you a snapshot of your organisation – where you are doing well and where you may need to improve performance.

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We found Ambit easy to implement within the organisation. Because it’s user friendly, our response rates were excellent. The final report was clear and easy to understand, with exceptional support from the Ambit team throughout the process.

Darryn Allcorn, Director for Workforce and Development, Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

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