Resuscitation Specialist eLearning Courses from Skills for Health

Skills for Health partnered with Resuscitation Council UK to develop several best-in-class specialised eLearning courses. Designed in line with specific NHS training requirements, these courses complement our existing resuscitation online training offer and our Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) portfolio.

Find out more about the new Skills for Health Resuscitation eLearning Courses:

If you require training for a large number of learners and for any other inquiries regarding the resuscitation courses, please fill in contact form below.

Skills for Health eLearning catalogue

Check out our newly updated Skills for Health eLearning catalogue to see all resuscitation courses available and other courses, including the complete UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF). Our in-house healthcare eLearning specialists work with industry leaders to ensure our content meets current topics, trends, and policies. We are always developing new online training, and existing courses are being updated regularly in line with the highest quality standards.

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