Paramedics (Primary and Urgent Care) Core Capabilities Framework

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A draft of the Paramedics (Primary and Urgent Care) Core Capabilities Framework is now available - you are invited to review the draft framework and provide your comments and feedback by completing an online survey.

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The Paramedics (Primary and Urgent care) Core Capabilities Framework has been developed by a dedicated group of senior paramedic clinicians with extensive experience of working within Primary and Urgent Care settings. Paramedics have been working in this area for many years, delivering excellent care to patients. However, there has been very little consistency in education and training or scope of practice. This document sets out to define the core competencies and capabilities required to work in these settings, with the aim of providing greater consistency in education and training for the future, which will lead to more consistent and higher standards of care for service users. From a professional perspective, the core capabilities will better support the career framework for Paramedics looking to develop their skills as Primary and Urgent Care Practitioners.

The framework was commissioned by Health Education England and its development is steered by a project management group including Health Education England, NHS England, College of Paramedics and Skills for Health.

The framework is due for completion by the end of September 2018.