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Non-custodial Career and Competence Framework

Introduction and background

The Health and Justice Team at NHS England (NHSE) has commissioned Skills for Health (SfH) to develop a Non-custodial Career and Competence Framework.  Building on previous work to develop Career and Competence Frameworks for Liaison and Diversion services, the Adult Secure and Detained Estate and Children and Young People (complex needs pathway), the Non-custodial Career and Competence Framework  will ensure that identified roles within Mental Health Treatment Requirements, RECONNECT, Enhanced RECONNECT and Healthcare in Courts programmes, have clearly articulated competences for each role, the learning and development required, as well as any necessary on-going professional development. The Non-custodial Career and Competence Framework will also include the previously identified roles within Liaison and Diversion services, to ensure all non-custodial services sit within one Framework.

The Non-custodial Career and Competence Framework is being designed as part of the NHSE Health and Justice Inclusive Workforce Programme, which aims to ‘Improve the recruitment and retention of a larger, more diverse, inclusive and representative workforce for all Health & Justice services and programmes’.

This Framework will help ensure that all Non-Custodial Health & Justice roles are clearly outlined, are aligned with other Health & Justice roles and that career progression pathways are in place. It will facilitate greater workforce flexibility and movement of staff across the non-custodial pathway, as well as support staff recruitment and retention.

Registration of interest

We will be looking for individuals to take part in a wider consultation of the draft role profiles contained within the Framework, in which feedback and comments may be provided via an online consultation survey in November 2022. To register your interest in contributing to the consultation and to receive other updates about the development of the Non-custodial Career and Competence Framework, please complete the form below:

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