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Working together to improve end of life care

A training pack called ‘Working together: Improving end of life care through better integration’ was developed to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of working together to support people at the end of their lives.

The resources were part of a project that aimed to provide guidance to people working in both health and social care settings by finding out what mattered most to people. To achieve this, we developed a network of people (known as champions) who were committed to improving end of life care, bringing them together in a series of workshops. The champions told us about their own experiences, what worked well and what didn’t. During these conversations common themes emerged which have been translated into a set of key messages which have formed the basis for the resources and film below.

Understanding different job roles

It is essential that people in different job roles work together in order to provide excellent end of life care, including the person who is dying and their carer. As a result of feedback from the same project, which is outlined above, a film and accompanying booklet has been produced which describes all of the different job roles that may be involved and what needs to happen to make sure that everyone works together to provide the best care that they can.

These films have been developed in partnership with Skills for Care, the National Council for Palliative Care and Health Education North Central East London. To find further resources in relation to End of Life Care, get in touch today.