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Employing someone who has autism – how to make them feel welcome

29th April 2016 Written by National Autistic Society
It’s your first day at work and you’re getting to grips with your new job and learning how to unjam the photocopier, but there’s so…

Greater Manchester’s Devolution – why is it such a good idea?

29th April 2016 Written by Tim Lund
This month, Greater Manchester took full control of its health and social care spend. It aims to improve health outcomes for local residents by joining…

Why should you invest in our new primary care courses? Here are five reasons

27th April 2016 Written by Skills for Health
We’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new suite of e-Learning courses. Delivered in partnership with the National Skills Academy for Health, they’ve…

The Skills for Health brand: What did you say?

19th April 2016 Written by Skills for Health
Since Skills for Health hit the ground running in 2002, we have worked hard to make sure our reputation precedes us. Understanding how our current…

Improving Care for People Living with Autism

08th April 2016 Written by National Autistic Society
Autism is a serious, lifelong disabling condition that affects the way a person communicates with, and relates to, other people. Autism is a spectrum condition…