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Global Health Learning Outcomes Framework

Introduction and Background

Health Education England’s (HEE) vision is to help improve the quality of life and health and care services for the people of England by ensuring the workforce of today and tomorrow has the right skills, values and behaviours, in the right numbers, at the right time and in the right place. The Directorate of Global Health Partnerships (DGHP), established within HEE in 2017, oversees HEE’s global interests and strategic objectives. Part of this work involves supporting NHS staff and organisations to engage in and learn from global health activity.

HEE aims to support NHS staff to engage in global health activity throughout their careers. A set of resources and materials is being developed which will support NHS staff and organsiations to understand, evidence and fully realise the benefits of engagement in global health. The creation of a Global Health Learning Outcomes Framework is a core part of this work.

For more information on the work of The Directorate Global Health Partnerships (DGHP) and to find out more about the benefits for the NHS of global activity please go to

HEE have commissioned Skills for Health to develop the Global Health Learning Outcomes Framework to support this important work.

Purpose and Scope of the Framework

The delivery of the learning outcomes framework will be part of HEE’s ‘global offer’ to NHS staff. It will support several key objectives.

The framework will:

  • Support NHS staff to evidence the personal and professional development they gain from participation in global health activity.
  • Help NHS managers and organisations to understand the benefits to their organisation if they support their staff to engage in global health activity.
  • Allow the benchmarking of learning which takes place through engagement in global health activity and so improve consistency of the global health learning opportunities which are offered by different organisations to NHS staff.
  • Support HEE and stakeholders to continue to build an evidence base of the benefits of engagement in global activity for NHS staff and organsiations.
  • Help NHS staff and organisations to engage more effectively in global partnerships so ensuring that they are of mutual benefit to all.

Development of the Learning Outcomes Framework

The global health learning outcomes framework development is led by a Reference Group chaired by Rachel Monaghan, Deputy Director, Global Health Partnerships. Membership of the Reference Group includes a variety of stakeholders and subject matter experts who will inform the design and content of the learning outcomes framework.

The first stage of the project is focused on desk research to review existing source documents and working with the reference group to develop a draft learning outcomes framework.

The framework is due for completion by early 2023.