Niall-Allen-Curry | Senior Workforce Data Analyst | Skills for Health

Niall Allen-Curry

Research & Evaluation
Senior Workforce Data Analyst

Niall Allen-Curry joined Skills for Health in November 2022 as our first in-house Senior Workforce Data Analyst, working within the Research and Evaluation team. With almost a decade of experience, Niall has worked across both private and public sectors, bringing in depth experience to Skills for Health.

In his previous role as a workforce planning analyst at Northumbria Police, Niall was responsible for providing the full organisation with a wide range of key people analysis and data. The role included analysing large data sets such as recruitment, people, capability, training, and organisational data. This supported and lead to the creation and implementation of the organisation’s workforce plan to meet current and forecasted demand as well as organisational goals. Niall played a pivotal role for Northumbria police, and surrounding forces, providing key data and scenario planning to help the force meet, and exceed targets for the Ministry of Justice’s Police Officer Uplift project.

Prior to working in policing, Niall worked in the financial industry undertaking a variety of workforce planning and performance analyst roles with two major banks, TSB, and Virgin Money. Here, Niall was responsible for ensuring staffing levels were correct to meet current and future demand and scenario-based planning mitigating potential forecasted risks.

Niall works within the Research and Evaluation team, at Skills for Health, alongside Head of Research Jon Parry, Senior Researcher Dr Brenda Gonzalez Ginocchio, and Researcher Alex Hetherington.

I enjoy being able to work with different organisations across the health sector, and helping employers to better understand their current workforce, using data. By utilising my experience to date, I can help identify an organisation’s workforce needs and recommend a suitable and realistic action plan that will help them achieve their workforce ambitions.