Dr Brenda Gonzalez Ginocchio - Researcher at Skills for Health

Dr Brenda Gonzalez Ginocchio

Research and Evaluation
Senior Researcher

Brenda is a Senior Researcher at Skills for Health having worked in research for over a decade in areas ranging from health and education, as well as employment and skills development. Brenda holds a PhD and has led and contributed to several research and evaluation projects for international organisations, central government and academia, including the NHS, Higher Education England, the NHS Leadership Academy, UK Health Security Agency, Primary Care Networks, Health Education and Improvement Wales, etc.

Brenda is a mixed-methods researcher specialised in conducting detailed literature reviews, data analysis, coding, interviews, surveys, focus groups, participant observation and field research. She is experienced in using a range of research methods and software such as NVivo, SPSS and Excel and has international working experience across the EU, the United States and Latin America, in both the public and private sectors.