Guidance released from Skills for Health and HEE on CSTF training during Covid-19

Image: Guidance released from Skills for Health and HEE

By Colin Wright | 24 April 2020

New guidance developed by Skills for Health and Health Education England to support Core Skills Training needs during Covid-19, has identified that four key subject matters should be focused on to ensure training is maintained for frontline workers.

Skills for Health have been working closely with Health Education England to review the most critical training needs based on the Core Skills Training Framework. It is vital that frontline staff focus on critical training to help fight the virus and save lives.

Staff who have left the NHS and are now returning to practice to support the management of Covid-19 cases, should undertake 4 statutory/mandatory e-learning modules as part of the induction to their role, prior to starting in post:

  1. Health, Safety and Welfare
  2. Fire Safety
  3. Infection Prevention and Control – Level 2
  4. Resuscitation – Level 2

To train your staff at pace on the 4 key subjects as per this new guidance, get in touch today.

The Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), launched in 2013 by Skills for Health, aims to enable consistency by providing guidance on minimum standards, including refresher periods, of required core statutory and mandatory education and training and is used widely across the NHS.

All subjects and learning outcomes within the CSTF are based on national guidance and legislation. Health Education England, working in partnership with Skills for Health, have conducted a review of the minimum requirements for statutory and mandatory training during the Covid-19 outbreak to support management of the pandemic by the NHS.

Whilst the other training standards in the CSTF are important, if it’s not possible to do all 11 training in the framework, then new staff or those returning to the frontline should focus on these 4 core subjects, during the crisis.

Skills for Health understand the unique training needs of the healthcare workforce, and work closely with experts to deliver online training to support frontline staff from our development of the CSTF, through to our delivery of tailored online Statutory/Mandatory training on our recently launched interactive mobile-first solution.

In addition to this, we have developed a tailored Covid-19 awareness course to give staff confidence in recognising signs and symptoms of Coronavirus and being able to act appropriately to help save lives.

Get in touch today to access critical Statutory/Mandatory training in line with this updated CSTF guidance.

To review the new guidance from Skills for Health and HEE, please click here.


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