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The NHS People Plan – welcome addition, but how can we practically attend to the aspirational aims outlined?

10th August 2020 Written by Andrew Lovegrove
An insight from leading Senior Workforce Consultant, Andrew Lovegrove: “It’s always great to have a plan, and that’s exactly what this is. The NHS People…

Disruption, disorientation and dislocation

22nd July 2020 Written by Toby Lindsay
Sitting here, onsite at King’s London and feeling so delighted at a wonderful and unplanned conversation that has just happened. For me, now, this is…

Frontline matters: adapt, grow and learn new ‘skills for health’

07th May 2020 Written by Skills for Health
“The use of technology to share knowledge and information is vital to create integration of learning and training.” In our blog series blog ‘Frontline matters’,…

Safeguarding as crucial as ever during Covid-19

06th May 2020 Written by Skills for Health
In these incredibly challenging and unusual times, it’s vital to focus on the key job at hand, fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. Frontline staff across the…

Frontline matters: the ‘new normal’ NHS workforce

04th May 2020 Written by Skills for Health
“A hospital cannot run on just Doctors and Nurses. The support workforce is there to enable the whole system to work.” In our new series…