How our learning management system can support compliance and efficiency


By Skills for Health | 23 February 2024

In the healthcare sector, compliance reporting and training, particularly for statutory and mandatory eLearning, are crucial.

Learning management systems (LMS) help to organise and deliver training, monitor learner progress, and evaluate performance. Using an LMS offers numerous benefits, especially for the healthcare workforce.


Healthcare professionals often have incredibly busy schedules. By using an LMS, they can access training when it’s most suitable for them. This flexibility ensures that training can fit into their work schedules at a time most convenient to them.

Standardised training

In the healthcare sector, standardised training is imperative for ensuring compliance with regulations and best practices. An LMS allows organisations to deliver consistent training content across different locations and departments, ensuring that all staff members receive the same high-quality, statutory and mandatory training.

Real time reporting

LMS platforms provides real-time insights into learner progress and performance. This information allows organisations to easily identify where there may be gaps in progress and compliance and identify actions needed to improve.

Despite the many benefits of utilising a learning management system, most find themselves having to move between different programmes and platforms to track, report and manage eLearning and compliance. This can make it a time consuming and arduous task, which also increases the risk of errors.

Integrating a multi-functional learning management solution can streamline training processes, save time and money, and empower you to effectively achieve your learning objectives and operational compliance goals. There’s also the added benefit of being able to move training records around the system, as healthcare workers move roles or into new teams. This makes it easier to keep track of what training has been taken and when, avoiding unnecessary retakes.

Skills for Health have recently launched and developed a new learning management option designed to effortlessly track, manage, and evidence compliance, monitor progress, and streamline training.

With LearnSpace, you can take your healthcare training to the next level.

  • LearnSpace Lite is our free, entry-level solution, ideal for organisations looking to assign and track user progress with standard reporting. It’s a great starting point for those new to eLearning or those with straightforward training needs.
  • LearnSpace Core allows you to handle training and compliance at an organisational, team, and individual level. It’s perfect for those who need a bit more flexibility and control over their training programmes.
  • LearnSpace Pro unlocks even more features, providing flexibility for customisation. We’ll collaborate with you to create a tailored training environment, including custom design. It’s ideal for organisations that want a fully personalised eLearning experience.
  • LearnSpace Enterprise takes training to the next level. It’s designed exclusively for your organisation’s unique needs. Whether it’s building your own bespoke courses, hosting virtual classrooms, delivering training in multiple languages, or customising the learner experience to your own systems and user design, LearnSpace Enterprise offers a wide range of features and benefits.


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Our comprehensive eLearning content library offers a wide range of easy to use, high quality courses that deliver statutory and mandatory training in line with your compliance needs.  As authors of the Core Skills Training Framework®, you can be assured our training meets the trusted benchmark for learning outcomes.


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Skills for Health introduces new LearnSpace Core and LearnSpace Pro options as part of learning management system overhaul  

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