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Elearning for healthcare

Skills for Health is the leading provider for healthcare elearning across the UK health sector, with over 500,000 completions per annum in the NHS alone. Our healthcare elearning for statutory and mandatory training complies with the UK Core Skills Training Framework and is designed to deliver consistency across the healthcare sector. Our healthcare elearning has been developed to meet the needs across healthcare organisations including primary and secondary care.

Our high quality and flexible elearning can ensure your organisation maintains a safe, competent and legally compliant workforce. By making sure that every member of staff is up to date without impacting direct healthcare delivery can be a challenge. Elearning delivers consistency and flexibility training and is very cost-effective.

Elearning Courses

Join over 412,000 successful users across the UK who are enjoying the benefits of our healthcare elearning courses. For a comprehensive list of all our elearning courses please visit:
Elearning Courses.

How to buy

  • Large Organisations

    • For organisations requiring more than a total 60 accesses to the elearning courses, please contact your Regional Director today. You can access their contact details here: Contact Details
    • Alternatively you can complete our registration form and someone will get back to you

  • Small Organisations

    • For organisations requiring under 60 accesses (e.g 6 staff accessing 10 courses is 60 accesses), all elearning courses can be booked directly though the Skills Platform – Skills for Health Elearning, including our elearning unlimited bundle offer.

Why us?

As the largest healthcare elearning provider in the UK and a not-for-profit charity, we will aim to continue to pass on the benefits of our economies of scale and in-house expertise to our users. Development is key to our offering, and our healthcare elearning continues to grow.

  • Do you face these issues

    • Keeping workforce abreast of latest developments to maintain safe services
    • Ensuring they are equipped to meet patient needs across a wider range of health issues
    • Keeping track of who has completed what training including new recruits
    • Maintaining accurate records of core learning
    • Meeting compliance reporting targets
    • Evaluating the impact of training

    If these challenges sound familiar, Skills for Health can help:

    • The UK’s largest provider of elearning training to health sector employers
    • Courses are flexible and available UK wide
    • Cost effective alternative to traditional forms of learning
    • Accessible via one of the largest moodle platforms in Europe

  • Benefits of Elearning – flexible and popular with learners

    • Quality assured and covers statutory, mandatory and core skills training
    • Accessible 24/7 training so staff can work on training in their own time
    • Helpdesk support for any technical queries
    • All courses are compliant with the core skills training framework (CSTF)
    • Clinical CSTF courses
    • Track training rates, progress and run completion reports
    • Platform works across multiple devices such as iPad and desktop
    • Elearning courses can be synced to the client platform, for seamless user interface
    • Option to sync with other tools from Skills for Health e.g. compliance reporting tool WIRED
    • Reduce your overall training costs

  • Who is using Elearning

    “We have been very impressed with the flexibility, quality and cost-effectiveness of the system. The online delivery is particularly valuable because it means that staff can fit the training around their busy work schedules, reducing the need for day release and cutting down on costs associated with face-to-face training.”

    Janine Smith, Business Manager, NHS Ealing

    • Skills for Health elearning courses are used by more than 2,800 organisations
    • Over 412,000 registered learners across the UK
    • Healthcare staff complete an average of 50,000 modules a month

  • What’s New

    We are constantly developing and updating our course content to support training requirements for our elearning. New courses include:

    • E-Assessment of statutory and mandatory training modules
    • Core Clinical courses
    • Care Certificate Suite
    • Stand by Me – Dementia
    • Introduction to Personal Health Budgets

  • Elearning brochures

Skills for Health elearning is administered by the National Skills Academy for Health.