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Elearning for healthcare

We are one of the UK’s leading providers of online learning, tailored for health and social care training. Over 500,000 workers from across the NHS, private healthcare and social care complete our online learning every year.

As authors of the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), we ensure our online learning is quality assured to meet the exacting professional standards to comply with UK law. Now delivered on our new and innovative mobile-first platform, our elearning allows you to add pace to training new staff, existing staff and those returning to the workforce to meet increasing patient demand.

Our mobile-first approach means training is available any time, on any device, for quick and effective learning, so the workforce can focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

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CSTF Covid-19 Training

We have worked closely with Health Education England to update guidance on the Core Skills Training Framework, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Staff who have left healthcare and are now returning to support the management of Covid-19 cases, should undertake 4 stat/man elearning modules as part of the induction to their role, prior to starting in post:

  1. Health, Safety and Welfare
  2. Fire Safety
  3. Infection Prevention and Control Level 2
  4. Resuscitation Level 2

Get in touch to access the above training, plus our free Covid-19 elearning to support your urgent training needs for returning staff.

Free Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness course

Our free COVID-19 awareness course brings together advice, guidance and information about Coronavirus, to support front-line staff and key workers to continue delivering the best possible service during these unprecedented times.

In addition to completing this module, learners should read the COVID-19 guidance for healthcare professionals.

We advise learners to complete the Infection Prevention and Control Skills for Health eLearning. The course is available for Level 1 and Level 2 training via our partner online learning website, the Skills Platform.

Core Skills Training Framework

The Core Skills Training Framework elearning bundle allows employers to recognise training to a standard and reduce duplication of training. Delivered by Skills for Health, the developers of the Core Skills Training Framework.

Care certificate

The Care Certificate elearning bundle provides a set of high-quality elearning courses aligned to the Care Certificate standards, developed by Skills for Health. The bundle is designed to complement work-based assessment of skills by a competent assessor.

Bespoke elearning

We know that sometimes you need to be able to select from a range of elearning bundles, to mix and match courses to meet your organisations requirements. Your learners may have a range of requirements, and by working our team, you can select a suitable selection from our course library.

Partner courses

We work with a variety of partners to provide a range of unique elearning courses perfectly suited to the healthcare sector. We only work with trusted partners who have been carefully selected to meet our customer’s sector specific needs, and that complement our own range of elearning courses.


Image: Skills Platform logo. If you are an individual learner or small organisation looking for elearning, including the 'e-learning unlimited' bundle please visit our partner online learning website, the Skills Platform.


If you have a bespoke requirement or require elearning for a large organisation, please get in touch to discuss your requirements with a member of the team by using the form at the top of this page.

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