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NHS Personalisation

The NHS personalisation agenda has been gaining momentum in the delivery of public services for some time now and can be seen most clearly within the health sector through the work of the Personal Health Budget pilot sites being run in England under the support of the Department of Health.

Personalisation can be described as having 3 broad themes, these are:

  • increasing the influence of the service user in decision making (sometimes called a person-centred approach or a ‘co-production’ approach);
  • greater choice for the service user – this can include concepts such as a choice of provider, or a choice over what action (treatment) is taken
  • more information for the service user.

Implications for the workforce
NHS personalisation presents a range of implications for the workforce including the skills and competences of staff. Skills for Health’s analysis have identified some of these skills gaps as being:

  • leadership
  • advocacy
  • motivational questioning
  • ongoing evaluation
  • commissioning.

There are three main skills categories, which employers should focus on in order to address some of the challenges in embedding more personalised services:

  • basic knowledge – an understanding of what Personalisation means for both employee and service user
  • technical skills – ensuring that the right staff have the right skills ie Commissioning skills for GP’s
  • soft skills – the ability to understand, emphasise and engage appropriately with service users will be increasingly important.

Skills for Health have developed several resources to support you in the implementation of the NHS personalisation agenda.

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