Apprenticeship Frameworks Wales

The role of Skills for Health in Apprenticeship Frameworks in Wales

Skills for Health is the Issuing Authority for Apprenticeship Frameworks designed for the Health Sector in Wales. All Apprenticeship Frameworks must meet the requirements as outlined in SASW.

Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for Wales (SASW)

The Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for Wales (SASW) document is statutory and was published by the Welsh Government in 2013. It governs what must be included within apprenticeship frameworks in Wales. SASW sets out how the apprenticeships must be named, delivered, what (if any) alternative qualifications may be used. It also outlines the requirements for Essential Skills Wales, Employment Rights and Responsibilities (ERR), Wider Key Skills and on and off the job learning.

Foundation Apprenticeships and Apprenticeships

There are a number of Foundation Apprenticeships and Apprenticeships Frameworks available for use in Wales.  Copies of the frameworks can be found at Apprenticeship Frameworks Online.

Employee Rights and Responsibilities

In October 2016 the Welsh Government published a revised SASW. This removed the mandatory requirement for Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) to be included for all Apprenticeship frameworks issued from 14th October 2016. However, it is up to sector bodies and employers to determine whether ERR continues to be a requirement in frameworks already available on that date. Skills for Health take the position that ERR will continue to be a requirement in frameworks until it is removed as part of a normal funded framework review cycle. If employers or employer representative bodies in Wales would like the ERR requirement to be removed outside of the review cycle please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Apprenticeship FAQs

  • Where do I find out more about apprenticeships?

    A full list of apprenticeships available for use in Wales can be found at Apprenticeship Frameworks Online. The individual framework documents detail what types of role learners may be employed in, give background regarding the sector, list the component qualifications, duration, specific detail Essential Skills Wales, ERR, Wider Key Skills, on and off the job learning etc.

    AFO website searching tip: Frameworks developed specifically for the health sector all contain the word ‘Health’ in the title eg Health (Clinical Healthcare Support).To bring up all the apprenticeships developed specifically for use in the health sector type in 'health,' tick the 'current frameworks' box and tick 'Skills for Health' and 'Skills for Care and Development'. You can also search for non-health related apprenticeships on this site eg business and administration, cleaning etc by changing your search criteria accordingly.

    The Welsh Government website may also be useful.

  • What qualifications are included in an apprenticeship?

    The attached document gives an overview of the different qualifications and workbooks required for each country and each type of apprenticeship framework. It also details the differences between frameworks during the transition from NVQ to QCF. For Apprenticeship frameworks in England and Wales issued or updated from April 2011 onward please use Apprenticeship Frameworks Online to see the current and all archived framework documents.

  • Recognition of prior learning

    Skills for Health is not able to not advise on this – please contact your Awarding Organisation or centre directly.

  • Funding

    Skills for Health is not able to advise on this. Please see the Welsh Government website.

  • Vacancies

    Skills for Health is not able to advise on this. Please see

Certification FAQs

Skills for Health issues certificates for health Apprentices in Wales.  From August 1st 2013 all certification claims must be made via Apprenticeship Certification Wales (ACW).

  • Where are my certificates?

    All applications are approved or rejected within 10 days. Skills for Health aims to send all certificates at the APPROVED stage of the process within 10 days of confirmation of payment. If you have not paid for your certificates you will not receive them until payment has been cleared. Payment details can be found below.

  • How do I pay Skills for Health for my certificates - Wales?

    Certificates are charged at £22 each. As of 4/3/2014 all certificates must be paid for via the Central Payment System (CPS). This system is operated by the Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards (FISSS), therefore any queries you have regarding the payment system must be sent directly to FISSS.

    General FAQ's on the CPS can be found here.

    No payments should be made directly to Skills for Health unless you are paying for a certificate reprint. Skills for Health will not issue invoices for payments made via the CPS.

Other Useful Documents:

If you have a query about Apprenticeships or Apprenticeship Certification in Wales that is not answered on this page please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..