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Nurse and Midwife Educators Career Framework


Nurse and midwife educators play a vital role in developing the future generation of nursing and midwifery professionals, teaching graduates to deliver safe and effective care, whilst supporting the ongoing development of registrants.

The need

Educators both in practice and within Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are key to ensuring we have the right workforce to support people and communities and to deliver the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan. NHS England have gathered evidence and insights from a range of sources and stakeholders and identified the need for a framework that supports the career pathway to roles in nursing and midwifery education as well as the development and retention of the current educator workforce.

Developing the framework

We are looking at developing a national, quality driven framework to attract and retain nurse and midwife educators. These educators are critical to both academic and clinical leadership for both pre and post registration education. The framework will help lay the foundations for a new way of working.

Using insights from our education system leaders and practice, we have identified key requirements and needs that the framework will focus on, and have aligned these to the delivery of the NHSE Educator Workforce Strategy (2023):

  • Clear career pathways for nurses and midwives looking to develop a career as an educator.
  • Support for the development of the educator workforce to continue to provide healthcare courses.
  • Practice supervisors and assessors to deliver the NMC Future Nurse and Midwife Standards.
  • Clear and consistent role definition and requirements for educators in clinical practice.
  • Focus on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Stay up to date

The first iteration of the framework has been developed by the expert reference group and has been reviewed via a survey which closed noon on Friday 28 June.

If you’d like to be updated on the development of the framework, register your details below.