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Dementia (2015, updated 2018)

The framework was commissioned and funded by the Department of Health and developed in collaboration by Skills for Health and Health Education England (HEE) in partnership with Skills for Care. Development of the framework was guided by an Expert Group including a wide range of health and social care organisations, relevant Royal Colleges and education providers.

The framework sets out the core skills and knowledge which would be transferable and applicable across different types of service provision. It includes expected learning outcomes for training delivery, key policy and legal references and is aligned to related national occupational standards. The aim is to help ensure the quality and consistency of dementia training, and to help prevent unnecessary duplication of training.

The framework comprises the following subjects:

  1. Dementia awareness
  2. Dementia identification, assessment and diagnosis
  3. Dementia risk reduction and prevention
  4. Person-centred dementia care
  5. Communication, interaction and behaviour in dementia care
  6. Health and well-being in dementia care
  7. Pharmacological interventions in dementia care
  8. Living well with dementia and promoting independence
  9. Families and carers as partners in dementia care
  10. Equality diversity and inclusion in dementia care
  11. Law, ethics and safeguarding in dementia care
  12. End of life dementia care
  13. Research and evidence-based practice in dementia care
  14. Leadership in transforming dementia care

In 2018, a review of the original ‘Dementia Core Skills Education and Training Framework’ was undertaken, led by the original project partners; Skills for Health, Health Education England and Skills for Care. In particular, the update and review included a number of additions regarding food, drink and oral health and the updated framework was re-titled the Dementia Training Standards Framework.

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