The Frailty Framework of Core Capabilities was commissioned by Health Education England and NHS England. Development of the framework was facilitated by Skills for Health, working in partnership with key stakeholders, including: Health Education England, NHS England, Age UK, British Geriatric Society, Royal College of GPs, and housing, local government and voluntary sector organisations.

Frailty remains a new area for much of the workforce and work is now needed to position frailty as a long-term condition and underpin it with the upskilling of the workforce.  This framework aims to identify and describe the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to deliver high quality, holistic, compassionate care and support. It provides a single, consistent and comprehensive framework on which to base review and development of staff.

The framework comprises 14 capabilities, grouped into 4 domains:

Domain A. Understanding, identifying and assessing frailty

  • Capability 1. Understanding frailty
  • Capability 2. Frailty identification and assessment

Domain B. Person-centred collaborative working

  • Capability 3. Person-centred approaches
  • Capability 4. Communication
  • Capability 5. Families and carers as partners in care
  • Capability 6. Collaborative and integrated working

Domain C. Managing frailty

  • Capability 7. Preventing and reducing the risk of frailty
  • Capability 8. Living well with frailty, promoting independence and community skills
  • Capability 9. Physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • Capability 10. Managing medication
  • Capability 11. Care and support planning

Domain D. Underpinning principles

  • Capability 12. Law, ethics and safeguarding
  • Capability 13. Research and evidence-based practice
  • Capability 14. Leadership in transforming services

As well as being a standalone resource, it complements similar frameworks for person-centred approaches, dementia, end of life and musculoskeletal care to provide an approach to training and education which is holistic and person-centred care.

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