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Portfolio and Assessment Materials: Core Capabilities Framework for ACP (Nurses) Working in General Practice / Primary Care

A range of materials have been developed that ACP (Primary Care Nurses), clinical supervisors and other stakeholders may find of use in evidencing the achievement of core capabilities and in the development of a portfolio. The portfolio tools offer the opportunity to collate a range of evidence triangulated by supervisors.

The COT and CBD assessment forms listed below have been mapped to the framework to help evidence each capability more easily.

These assessment materials are not mandated for use with the framework and individuals are at liberty to use their own local materials.

Many of these materials are derived from tools used by GP Speciality Trainees and have been adapted with kind permission from the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

The tools and materials are as follows:

Also included is a capability mapping and cross-referencing document to help to organise a portfolio in a useful format and demonstrate evidence.