LMS Compliance

Realtime LMS compliance dashboard to keep on top of staff training

LearnSpace combines trusted stat/man eLearning with powerful management tools and our fully integrated compliance dashboard. Learning pathways are managed all in one place, helping you to get the right training, to the right people, at the right time.

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Learning Management System

An unrivalled learning experience keeping training on track, with progress you can see

The compliance reporting dashboard uses certifications to monitor completion of statutory and mandatory training in real-time. Automating the enrolment of learners on training can save hours of manual administration and ensure learners always have access to the correct training.

  • Schedule course enrolments and repeat training

  • Set your own expiry periods and retake windows

  • Send email and desktop reminders

  • Set your own targets with red-amber-green indicators

  • Line Manager and Learner dashboards

  • Download reports for offline sharing

  • Quickly identify users with courses overdue and due to expire soon

  • Compliance and noncompliance percentages by organisation, department, course and individual

  • Group users dynamically by job role, department, or other profile statuses

One simple dashboard giving you a real-time snapshot of your training compliance

Staff working in remote locations, unusual shift patterns or working across a large, dispersed region can be challenging. LearnSpace, based on Totara Learn 14, is intuitive and flexible, suited to mobile-first training, on any device at any time. Combine Skills for Health’s Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) eLearning Bundle with LearnSpace’s robust learning management.

Course and program creator

Zoom integration

Learning pathways

Face-to-face and virtual classroom

Assessments and surveys

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Course catalogue

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