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Guidance and download

This page is where you can download the current CSTF (England) guidance documents (Version 1.1).

Summary process for NHS Trusts to align with the CSTF

Image: Summary process for NHS Trusts to align with the CSTF.

Subject Guide and Mapping Tool

The Subject Guide provides details for each of the Statutory/Mandatory subjects, including minimum learning outcomes, target audience, required frequency of refresher training and links to relevant legislation or expert guidance. An appendix to the Subject Guide also includes a CSTF ‘User Guide’.

Download the Subject Guide here.

The Mapping Tool supports organisations in conducting a self-assessment of how their training aligns to the Framework subjects.

Download the Mapping Tool here.

Declaring Alignment to the Framework

Healthcare providers which have mapped their in-house training to the CSTF are able to submit a Declaration of Alignment, confirming their training programmes are aligned to the Statutory/Mandatory CSTF subjects.

Download the Declaration of Alignment here.

CSTF Guidance to support the declaration of alignment

A Readiness Assessment tool provides a checklist of recommended activities for an organisation aligning to the Framework.

Download the Readiness Assessment Tool here.

CSTF Guidance for data recording and portability

A key benefit of alignment to the CSTF is to enable recognition and sharing of data (e.g. transfer of training records between organisations). This is achieved using CSTF naming conventions or subject codes.

In addition, a suite of National Competencies based upon the CSTF has been developed linked to the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR). NHS Organisations in England using ESR can use the National Competencies for recording and reporting training activity that is aligned to the CSTF.

NB. The CSTF National Competencies on ESR must only be used by NHS organisations which have submitted their CSTF Declaration of Alignment. The ESR Central Team provides quarterly reports to Skills for Health – these reports are audited to ensure that only those organisations listed on the CSTF Directory are using the CSTF National Competencies on ESR.

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