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Alignment to the UK CSTF

Many organisations have aligned their statutory/mandatory training to the CSTF. By sharing this information, employer organisations can recognise where training delivered in other organisations is in compliance with the CSTF and thereby help to prevent unnecessary duplication of training as staff move between roles and organisations.

Click here to see the Directory of CSTF Aligned Healthcare Providers

Benefits of the Statutory/Mandatory CSTF

  • Provides a national ‘benchmark’ for the content of statutory/mandatory training.
  • Sets out minimum learning outcomes, frequency of refresher training and links to relevant legislation or expert guidance.
  • Can be used by any healthcare employer in the UK including NHS, independent healthcare providers and educational organisations.
  • Standardises the interpretation and delivery of statutory/mandatory training.
  • Applicable across all four UK countries.
  • Linkages between the Framework, eLearning and compliance reporting puts all the right information in the hands of employers in a new and powerful way.