A stronger voice and a leadership role in skills development

Excellence Centres

A mark of thought leadership and strategic direction

The network of Excellence Centres unites employers from the NHS, independent and voluntary sectors, across health and social care – as well as quality assured education and training providers – to coordinate, establish and implement high-quality skills programmes and workforce development initiatives. This collaborative approach aims to enhance the effectiveness of staff recruitment, development and progression across the entire workforce. It gives employers and training providers a vital, leading role on both a local and national scale.

Each Excellence Centre has undergone a thorough audit of their learning and development activity against criteria in five key areas and demonstrated leadership in not only the quality of their delivery, but in guiding and supporting related organisations in a geographical area, or specialised field.

Who is eligible to join the network

Any organisation delivering significant education, training, learning or development across the health and care sectors, who can demonstrate excellence against our five domains;

Domain one – Ethics, values and behaviours
Domain two – Sector engagement/awareness
Domain three – Learning excellence
Domain four – Quality Assurance
Domain five – Leadership for Quality

The Excellence Centre Network acts to:

  • Give health and care employers a stronger voice and a leadership role in skills development, both locally and nationally
  • Give commercial training providers an opportunity to network and engage with health and care employers for mutual benefit
  • Support and encourage practical education and training collaborations, building a more flexible and motivated workforce
  • Collaborate on learning resource development and sharing, reducing costs and avoiding expensive ‘reinvention of wheels’
  • Recognise and promote high-quality skills development provision that truly meets the needs of the wider healthcare sector
  • Promote the highest quality of apprenticeship opportunities and training, as outlined in the Quality Principles for NHS Apprenticeships, to meet the needs of future services and models of care
  • Provide an accessible and relevant network through which employers, managers and individuals can stay up to date on matters affecting education and skills.

Value to network members

  • Regular Quality network events
  • Annual conference
  • access to Skills Platform access to promote learning and training delivery nationally
  • Logo/branding of Excellence Centre and Quality Mark
  • Ongoing support from SfH QA team
  • Preferential access to SfH consultancy and research services

To find out more about the Excellence Centres, please contact us.