The Learning Disabilities Core Skills Education and Training Framework is being reviewed and updated

Health Education England and NHS England have asked us to review and refresh the Learning Disabilities Core Skills Education and Training Framework (which was written in 2015-16).

It has been two years since the first framework was published and now we need to review and update it – and where it’s needed we will add in new things.

A review which looked at the health of people who have a learning disability found that there are some health problems that people with a learning disability might get more than other people, or that health services are not good at finding and treating. This means people with learning disabilities are at risk of dying younger than they need to.

We want the framework to help workers in health and social care to have the skills to do something about this. Some ideas about things that may be added or made bigger are:

  • Raising awareness of health conditions like dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), constipation, bowel cancer, diabetes, heart disease, infections like sepsis, epilepsy and trauma.
  • Making health services better for people with a learning disability (sometimes called making ‘reasonable adjustments’) - thinking about how to help people with a learning disability live as long as they can and be as healthy as they can.

We will also think about how people might use the framework to help staff have better skills and knowledge and in the way they do their jobs.

We have a project steering group made up of people who work for key stakeholder organisations, like Skills for Health, Health Education England, NHS England, Skills for Care and other organisations which represent the health and care sectors.

We have also asked lots of people to tell us what – this means people who work in services and run services and people who use services or train people.

Register to be involved: To register your interest, please complete the form below. You will then be notified when the framework is launched (expected July 2019).