Get ahead of trends and changes – we translate the meaning behind intelligence data


Your strategic workforce planning depends on accurate, up to date research and intelligence. It also benefits from robust ways of thinking about the potential future shape of demand for skills in the future. And of course, you’ll also need to understand how your training and development activities might be having a positive impact on the services you work hard to provide. Skills for Health’s expertise in these areas developed with health sector employers over the past decade can give you powerful ways of planning for the future.

Working with employers we can create intelligence that helps you;

  • Anticipate service changes and prevent skills gaps
  • Increase productivity, performance and service quality
  • Compare your service organisation and development to others in your sector or region
  • Discover behaviours and habits of your local patient / client base
  • Understand demand for integrated health and social care services– what, where and why
  • Get ahead of trends and changes – we translate the meaning behind intelligence data
  • Access webinars and masterclasses on hot topics such as research evaluation
  • Clear return on investment that will make an impact on your organisation

Our services can give you the insight needed so you can understand and adapt to change that’s coming.

  • We are commonly asked to work with employers to develop the following;

    • Intelligence on the current and future demand for services in their area – this enables employers to gain an overview of an area’s healthcare performance, employment profile, and health needs with our bespoke ‘local intelligence’ service.
    • Expert research on skills and workforce issues – from numbers of practitioners, skills needs and skills utilisation. Commonly exploring how well equipped they are for the services of the future.
    • Scenario planning and application sessions - using scenarios developed with health employers we help people rehearse potential changes to their services and help them make decisions about their workforce design, new roles and skills development.
    • Understanding how their workforce development and training activities have an impact on the skills of the workforce, their performance and the quality of care for patients.

  • What others say about our high quality research and intelligence services

    “ The reports offer us a series of unique insights, including … pinpointing disparities between local health service supply and population demand. By using this information to optimise our services for local demand we will increase overall productivity and service quality, and help deliver on our QIPP agenda.”

    Adrian Whittle, Head of HR and Organisational Development, NHS Cambridgeshire and NHS Peterborough.

    “ I attended one of Skills for Health’s scenario building workshops and I have to say it was one of the best sessions of this type I have attended. I have really learned a lot about the approach and how it can help me think creatively and comfortably about the future.”

    Linda Shrewsbury, Head of Workforce, NHS Warwickshire

You can find out more about Skills for Health’s wealth of research experience across the UK here or access our research library on workforce development and market trends here.

If you’re looking to address your future service and workforce planning needs then a tailored research report from us will provide you with the evidence, analysis, and confidence to move in the right direction.

To receive further information on how our research and labour market intelligence services can empower you to plan for the future please contact us.