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Enhance the work you do with our dynamic research services

Skills for Health’s expertise in these areas has been developed with health sector employers over the past 18 years across public, private, voluntary and community sectors which has enabled us to develop proficiency to allow you powerful ways of planning for the future.

Our academically trained research professionals are skilled in gathering vital insights that inform government policy, guide work programmes and make a difference on the ground. Our research supports future planning, improves business intelligence, provides accurate forecasts and identifies potential skills scenarios. This can help you to reduce skills gaps and shortages, improve your workforce planning and support the delivery of impactful services.

By utilising our research services, we can help you with:

Identifying and managing the impact of your products or services

Maximising the social value of your products or services

Reducing skills gaps and shortages

Planning for the future

Improving business intelligence

If you’re looking to address your future service and workforce planning needs then a tailored research report from us will provide you with the evidence, analysis, and confidence to move in the right direction. Contact us to discuss your research and evaluation requirements please contact us to discuss your research and evaluation requirements to find out how we can help.