Waiting times reduced from
2 years to below 13 weeks

Care pathway analysis and Workforce mapping: we make it simple

Do you need to solve the following when planning your team and workforce resources?

  • Need better understanding of who is doing what in which service
  • Lack of clarity around care pathways
  • No standardisation of mapping workforce data across localities and regions
  • Poor information means it is harder to know what to commission and understand the impact of different workforce options
  • Need to streamline costs to make a service sustainable.

Skills for Health can help you solve these issues

  • How our care pathway analysis and workforce mapping service can benefit your organisation:

    • We work with your clinical staff to get the fundamentals in place
    • Service describes clearly and objectively what is needed through analysis of functions and mapping care pathways
    • We use national standards to bring clarity across localities and regions
    • Standardised and objective approach supports stronger commissioning
    • Flexibility to explore different workforce options and cost comparisons
    • Identify cost effective approaches for service delivery
    • Service can be applied for new roles, different team mix or targeted skills development.

How other organisations have benefited from having a better understanding of care pathways and mapping the workforce

  • Redesign of paediatric integrated therapy service brings dramatic improvements at Somerset Community Health 
  • Waiting times reduced from 2 years to below 13 weeks
  • Patients with complex needs seen more quickly
  • Better understanding of how to achieve right skill balance in the paediatric team.

If you would like to speak to someone about how our care pathway analysis and workforce mapping can benefit your organisation, please contact your country or regional representative.