A rapid diagnosis of your current workforce situation

Objective workforce review service

Healthcare organisations are under increasing pressure to adapt in order to thrive and meet the needs of patients. A workforce operating at its full potential is a key part of the solution. If you are looking to make changes to your workforce, we can help.

Our Objective Workforce Review gives you the solid foundation you need to move forward with speed and confidence.

Our proven expertise enables us to step in and quickly deliver:

  • A rapid diagnosis of your current workforce situation
  • A map of skills gaps and ways to tackle them
  • Recommendations for effective workforce development
  • Workforce transformation across teams and organisations
  • Evidence base for workforce planning

We have already provided numerous organisations with the knowledge they need to make change where it counts:

New role transforms orthopaedic referral rates
70% reduction in orthopaedic referrals to secondary care at NHS Dudley after we recommended introducing an advanced practitioner role. This improved throughput and lowered cost per contact.

Myocardial diagnostic waiting times drop from 72 to 2-6 weeks
Reduced diagnostic waiting times from 72 weeks to 2-6 weeks at North Cumbria University Hospital NHS Trust after the creation of a Myocardial Perfusion Stress Testing Supervision role.

Waiting times in paediatric therapy service slashed from 2 years to 13 weeks
Reduced waiting times from 2 years to below 13 weeks in a paediatric integrated therapy service at Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust following service redesign.

  • Why customers use our workforce review service

    “We are always questioning what people are doing, how it’s being done, improving efficiency and refining the process as we go along. It has allowed us to develop some of our most innovative changes and needs led improvements in years.”

    Frances Rowe, Service Manager, Integrated Therapy Service, Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

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