Our skills, experience and team

Since 2002, we have helped organisations improve their workforce and achieve better outcomes by delivering world-class high-quality research solutions.

  • We know what works in research design; constructing methodologies that secure high participation rates, enabling you to get everything you want out of the research with the resources available
  • Our research is respected, listened to and influences decision making at international, national, regional and local levels
  • We have significant knowledge and experience of conducting process and impact evaluations at both project and programme level, including Social Return on Investment assessments and cost-benefit analyses
  • We are skilled in the investigation of large-scale complex data, applying sophisticated analytical and interpretive knowledge to ensure findings are based on robust and compelling evidence
  • We synthesise and present our findings in ways that deliver incisive and relevant information. Taking pride in our flexible, positive approach, producing research that is engaging, accessible, honest and stands up to industry scrutiny.

Our Team

Our team consists of academically trained researchers with considerable experience of conducting research and evaluation in the public, private, voluntary and community sectors. We have published peer-reviewed books, papers and reports on a range of topics and produced pivotal work which has informed policy and made a difference on the ground.

Our research team provides a wealth of valuable insight and knowledge, which can help organisations dramatically enhance the work they do. From identifying the developmental needs of workforces to supporting employer ambitions, we have the resources to make a real positive difference to organisations.

To discuss your research and evaluation requirements, please contact us to discuss your research and evaluation requirements to find out how we can help.