Fundamentals of leadership and management

Impact and Outcomes:
You will understand a range of views and theories around leadership and management and why they are so popular as topics of training, development and book writing. This programme will give you a developed set of skills to lead and manage, as well as a grounding in a range of approaches and styles. You’ll develop your own map of the field and plan for ongoing practice and development in your role. 

Programme Overview:
Combining taught and experiential elements this programme covers the core theories and approaches to management and leadership with a self-managed learning approach for you to develop your practice in the most relevant and useful way you can.

Who this is for:
All of those entering into or recently in management and leadership roles.

Dates and location:
The dates and delivery methods for this programme are being updated, these will be announced shortly.

Please register your interest here and we will endeavour to update you as soon as we can.