Jem Peel

BA (Hons), MSc

Associate Consultant

Jem has extensive experience as an OD consultant and programme designer; as a coach to senior leaders and teams; and as a facilitator of collaborative inquiry. He has a strong track record of building dialogue within teams and cross-functional groups; bringing together different individuals and perspectives to explore the interplay between strategy, cultures, and operations.

Jem offers a wealth of experience as a facilitator of self-managed learning; action learning and research; designing and mobilising high impact experiential learning programmes, and of large-scale group facilitation (drawing upon Open Space and World Cafe) at both organisational and system levels. He has extensive experience of facilitating small groups as part of qualification-carrying programmes. He has worked with seven cohorts of the NHS Leadership Academy’s international award-winning Nye Bevan programme and being part of the faculty piloting the Academy’s new Clinical Executive Fast Track programme, and as part of various long-range organisational development programmes.

Jem’s experience and expertise include facilitating peer feedback and assessment; balancing support and challenge at an individual and group process level; and establishing increasing levels of inter-dependence within the group. Jem believes that learning emerges from complex social processes. Accordingly, his practice focusses on increasing individual and group competence in critical reflection and inquiry - developing greater reflexivity both in the production of written-work and in exploring group interactions.

A hallmark of Jem’s practice is his courage and skill in drawing out issues relating to inclusion, power and trust within groups - and exploring the wider ramifications for leaders, organisations and systems.