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Image: Twitter.

Winner: The End of Life Urgent Care Team at St Luke’s Hospice & Marie Curie

This award is to celebrate a group of healthcare workers operating as a ‘team’ to deliver person-centred, integrated care across professional, organisational and/or sector boundaries. Nominees will demonstrate an ability to work in a completely integrated approach for the benefit of patient care, service delivery and the wider organisation. The work carried out by nominees should highlight improved patient outcomes, and have a positive impact on the team members working within and alongside the group.

The End of Life Urgent Care team is the result of a 21-month pilot project and is made up of staff from St Luke’s Hospice and Marie Curie who specialise in supplying basic and more complex end-of-life care.

The team have worked collaboratively to improve the quality and efficiency of services to allow more patients to receive suitable support and their efforts have resulted in a 50% increase in the number of patients able to access this care.

Thanks to their cohesive strategy, the team have been able to help patients avoid lengthy hospital admissions and remain in the comfort of their own homes with more patients now receiving the right care at a time in their life when every day counts.

Sharon Mayor, Urgent Care Nurse Manager at St Luke’s Hospice, said: “As a team we are very proud to be able to do what we do – caring for people at the end of their life is such a privilege and something we all feel very passionate about.

“Well done everyone, this acknowledgment of our work is truly amazing and reflects the heartfelt passion shown by us on a daily basis.”

John Rogers, Chief Executive at Skills for Health, said: “The Integrated Team Award was a popular category for nominations with 134 entries, which just goes to show that healthcare professionals like those who make up the team at St Luke’s Hospice are regularly going the extra mile for their patients.