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One Award Winner (highlighted mention for other top performers)

The Staff Retention and Wellbeing Employer of the Year Award will be given to an organisation which has demonstrated a clear, significant and sustainable improvement in staff retention rates and the wellbeing of its workforce.

Nomination have now closed.

The Assessment Criteria for the Staff Retention and Wellbeing Employer of the Year Award:

  • Demonstrate a health and wellbeing strategy/framework, and the implementation underpinned by policies and procedures
  • Evidence the success of the above strategy for example, reduction in sickness and absence rates, improved staff satisfaction (evidenced by staff survey), reduction in staff turnover
  • Describe how an identified issue/problem area within the organisation in respect of staff retention was recognised, and describe how this issue or problem was addressed
  • Demonstrate/evidence by use of data, the impact of your interventions (Examples can include a reduction in bank/agency spend, reduction in staff turnover and improvement in care/patient experience, etc)
  • Describe how the intervention(s) will be cost-effective and sustainable in the long term, and the metrics you in place to measure and monitor this
  • Explain how the organisation utilises career/progression frameworks to support staff retention

Applicants must complete no more than 500 words in order to demonstrate at least 4 of the criteria.

Who can make the nomination?

Nominations must be made by a manager within the organisation.

Nomination have now closed.