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12 Regional Winners and 1 National Winner

The Clinical Support Worker of the Year 2018 Award celebrates the input of clinical support workers in the direct delivery of care within the health sector. These workers play a crucial role in the delivery of patient care and are significant contributors in the effective delivery of healthcare practices.

National Winner

Among the seven national winners announced during the ceremony was Maxine Housley from Sheffield. Maxine was nominated in the Clinical Support Worker of the Year category by her colleagues for her unwavering care and compassion towards her patients and those coping with stomas in West Africa.

Maxine works within the stoma care department of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. Her high-level skill set in the practical management of open abdominal wounds, abdominal fistulae and challenging stomas means she is often the person other nursing and medical staff approach for guidance.

She has an impressive track record when it comes to achieving a secure clean application of wound managers and other complex devices, which is important not only to a patient’s physical wellbeing, but also to their dignity.

As well as delivering high-quality care to her patients, Maxine is always willing to share her skills and knowledge with other nurses, community nursing teams and doctors from F1 to consultant level.

Maxine has also produced pictorial guides on stoma care for use in low-resource countries and has been instrumental in recycling returned stoma care products, which would otherwise have been thrown away, for use in West Africa.

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