14th January 2020

Image: Mental Health Nursing Competency and Career Framework.We are pleased to confirm that the development work of the Mental Health Nursing Competence and Career Framework - Working Across the Life Course we have been commissioned to lead on by Health Education England (HEE) has just commenced and is due to be completed by 31st March, 2020.

The HEE Mental Health Nurse Task Implementation Group, supported by the HEE Mental Health and Dementia Programme Board have identified the need for a Mental Health Nursing Competence and Career Framework. This will assist both future and current mental health nurses to understand how they can progress their career,  both vertically and horizontally, from a level 5 Registered Mental Health Nurse through the various levels of roles to aspire to the role of a Mental Health Director at level  9 of the career framework for health. The framework will demonstrate this by describing the required core, generic skills, knowledge and behaviours relevant to mental health nursing roles at each career level, as well as identifying newer roles The new Framework will be forward-thinking, and its development will consider what is on the horizon for mental health nurses as well as the here and now and also assist in demonstrating the ‘Unique Selling Point’ (USP) of mental health nursing.

We are now seeking examples of good practice, case studies, and views on the uniqueness of mental health nursing and new roles within the profession to be considered to inform the development of the new Framework.

Please submit your contributions here, or register your interest to receive updates on the progress of this new framework.