21st August 2019

Image: Mental health frameworks matrix.To build an understanding of what skills are important when dealing with mental health issues for GPs, Practice Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and administrative staff working in Primary Care, the National Workforce Skills Development Unit and Skills for Health are developing a matrix of Mental Health frameworks.

Currently there are a range of mental health frameworks available to staff across Primary Care. These are often commissioned by services themselves resulting in repetition of work. Furthermore, many of these frameworks have specific strengths and weaker areas. It’s therefore rather crucial to have in place an overarching matrix so that Primary Care staff and organisations can more effectively and consistently assess their own skill range and identify areas where training might help.

Laurence Bickerton, Project Manager at the National Workforce Skills Development Unit said: “This work represents a great opportunity to help primary care providers find and access the right training and development opportunities. The matrix will also help staff looking to evaluate their skills identify gaps in their knowledge, allowing them to seek out the right training and therefore provide patients seeking help for their mental health with the high-quality, up to date care they deserve.

The National Workforce Skills Development Unit and Skills for Health feel strongly that Primary Care organisations and staff should be involved in developing the matrix and are therefore asking the sector to take part in a consultation survey.

Please have your say and provide your contribution by Thursday 29th August, 2019.