21st August 2019

Image: CybSafe.Since the disaster of the WannaCry cyber attack in 2017, the focus on cyber security in the NHS has continued to grow with a recent white paper released by researchers from Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation suggesting fresh investment is “urgently needed” to defend against threats that could put patient safety at risk. The report, led by Lord Darzi, warns that while some progress has been made since the attack, out-dated computer systems, a lack of investment and a deficit of skills and cyber awareness means many hospitals are still vulnerable to attacks more than two years on.

CybSafe and Skills for Health are the perfectly suited partners to support the healthcare workforce develop their skills and understanding of cyber security best practice, and CybSafe’s GCHQ-accredited platform can support NHS leaders to embed an unrivalled cyber security culture within their organisation.

The recent report comes at a much-needed time, when digital technologies are becoming more prevalent in everyday healthcare operations. Several NHS bodies including NHSX and NHS Digital are putting increased emphasis on the adoption of technology to support the growing demand on the healthcare workforce and maintaining cyber security should be a consistent consideration in how staff will work in a more technologically advanced environment of the future.

Skills for Health CEO, John Rogers, believes that collaborations and partnerships, such as the one between Skills for Health and CybSafe are crucial to supporting the NHS and wider healthcare sector embed a cyber-savvy workforce for the future.

“The NHS workforce deserve continual support in receiving adequate training to mitigate the risks of cyber security. It’s fantastic to be working with accredited partners like CybSafe to ensure the healthcare sector is well equipped to tackle the risks of cyber-attack, allowing the workforce to continue delivering high-quality patient care.”

Skills for Health are leaders in the delivery of training and elearning, and the new partnership with CybSafe goes even further, as an immersive training platform which changes how people think and feel about security and ensures people adopt new risk-reducing behaviours.

Oz Alashe, CEO of CybSafe, says: “We’re delighted to be working with Skills for Health to address the human aspect of cyber security in the NHS. Our public sector services, including the health service, are a growing target for cyber criminals and nation state actors, with most data breaches resulting from human error and social engineering. As the NHS continues to digitise, it’s vital that its leaders have the support they need to secure themselves and their staff. Our partnership with Skills for Health represents a significant step in reducing the NHS’ human cyber risk - helping to protect its people and supporting the fantastic work it does.”

Developed with accreditation by GCHQ and the IISP, the platform is mapped against well-documented academic frameworks and models for assurance and effectiveness, giving healthcare organisations a new level of peace of mind.

To find out how Skills for Health can support you with this new partnership, please get in touch today.