14th August 2019

Image: Toby Lindsay.We are delighted to announce that we have a new addition to our Consultancy team this month, as we welcome Toby Lindsay on board as a Principal Consultant for Leadership, Management and Organisational Development.

Skills for Health and Skills for Justice are two of the UK’s leading advisors for workforce development. Our consultancy experts have a diverse range of experience and wealth of knowledge from across the public sector. This team of specialists can work alongside you to help you identify, understand and achieve the change you need to transform your organisation and achieve your workforce development objectives. 

Our Head of Consultancy Benedict Eccles says: “Toby’s knowledge and passion for his area of expertise, his outstanding reputation and his commercial experience, were the three key factors which led to our unanimous offer for him to join us. Additionally, Toby’s keen interest in influencing through positive working relationships (rather than steamroller-ing!) means he will no doubt contribute to our organisation beyond his work title – as a great colleague and support to others.”

Toby has over twenty years’ experience working in executive education, as a Consultant, Executive Coach and Facilitator for a range of organisations across private, public and third sectors. Prior to this he founded and led a group of companies in the international education and vocational learning sector, and experienced the challenges, successes and struggles of organisational life and leadership.

After completing a Masters in Science in Organisational Development, Toby was Cohort Director on the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme with the University of Birmingham and the NHS Leadership Academy. He then went on to join Roffey Park, as Senior Consultant, where he led on a number of highly innovative consulting projects, as well as taking on the Course Director role for the MSc in People and Organisation Development.

Toby’s focus is on supporting learning for positive benefit and impact at the individual and organisational level and brings his breadth and depth of skill and experience to this work. His past clients include; NHS, Surrey and Sussex Police force, The Post Office, The Financial Times, Save The Children, Tata Technologies, Kent Business School, UAE Government, YBS and many others. Toby has led OD interventions, OD Consultancy, the co-creation of organisational learning communities, Leadership Development, Action Learning Set facilitator training, Open Space exploration, large group facilitation and executive coaching to mid-level and senior leaders with great success.

Toby’s work concentrates on leadership and organisational development working at individual, group and systemic levels. His core practice focuses on working with presence and skill to facilitate and help others to explore and make sense of their organisational experience. He works to identify strategies and actions to achieve and support their own and their organisation’s strategic development over time. He has a breadth and depth of academic knowledge and experience in his field and combines this with great warmth and professionalism when working with clients.

Toby is thrilled to have joined The Workforce Development Trust and has great hopes for the future; “I am delighted to be joining the Workforce Development Trust at a time when our vision; to improve people’s lives by enabling the effective development and deployment of the workforce who deliver services for public benefit is more relevant than ever and deeply needed. The opportunity to do great work with a fantastic team of colleagues weaving workforce and organisational development together to transform workforces and organisations for greater public service, is hugely compelling and something I am deeply committed to. It’s great to be here.”

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