31st July 2019

Iamge: Locum’s Nest new sponsor for Our Health Heroes Workforce Planning Team of The Year Award.Nominations are now closed for the 2019 Our Health Heroes Awards (OHH) and as the extremely difficult judging process gets under way, we’re pleased to announce that Locum’s Nest, the temporary staffing management platform, are sponsoring our Workforce Planning Team of The Year Award.

Locum’s Nest co-founder Ahmed Shahrabani says; “We’re delighted to be part of this year’s OHH Awards, celebrating all those who work tirelessly in the healthcare sector. Workforce planning is often a challenging and relentless task but there are solutions that are patient focused, integrated and allow for service improvements. Saving Trusts time, improving organisation and ultimately saving money.”

Locum’s Nest is an innovative software platform revolutionising the way locum staff are recruited in healthcare organisations across the UK. The App matches doctors to short-staffed shifts available within preferred hospitals across a chosen geographic area, through cloud-based web platforms for hospital managers to manage their staff bank and temporary workers. Locum’s Nest allows Primary and Secondary Care organisations to take back control of staffing and avoid the inefficient, ineffective and expensive locum agency middleman.

Frustrated at the way hospitals source and pay for locums to fill empty shifts, former NHS hospital doctors Nicholas Andreou and Ahmed Shahrabani developed the app to transform the efficiency with which hospital staff are recruited, removing the need to pay expensive commissions to private sector agencies.

Locum’s Nest co-founder Ahmed Shahrabani says: “I’ve worked in the NHS, and my heart is with the NHS, it’s an amazing service, but everyone knows it needs help. Nicholas and I have experienced first-hand the inefficiencies and problems that poor staffing created for us as doctors, our colleagues and, more importantly, our patients. We created Locum’s Nest with the ambition to make a difference for the NHS and its workforce, we’ve taken a complicated and convoluted process, stripped it from its unnecessary steps and digitised it in a neat app.”

Image: Locum's nest app.The app helps clinicians to connect with work vacancies in NHS Foundation Trusts, GP Federations, Primary Care Networks and practices, empowering them to work flexibly and avoid endless correspondence, allowing them to choose when, where and how they work. Whilst for employers, the software suite of mobile and web apps helps manage vacancies efficiently and cost-effectively, significantly reducing agency fees and filling shifts to rates over 90% with an ever-increasing instant pool of healthcare professionals in any local area.

“Locum’s Nest has actually reduced the anxiety of staffing our intensive care unit. Knowing that you can release a job out onto the application, which will notify and get picked up by your cohort of people, means that we can sleep easy in bed at night knowing we have done our best to be able to get the best people to fill the gaps in our rotas.” Dr J.KB Clinical Lead for Intensive Care

Since its launch in 2016, Locum’s Nest is now working with 20 NHS Trusts, across all specialities and grades of doctors, used in more than 100 GP Practices and has over 20,000 doctors on the platform. More than 100,000 shifts have been matched and in one case, a Trust has reported savings of £3 million in the first 12 months of its use.

It is becoming increasingly clear that digitalisation and harnessing innovation is the key to elevating the already phenomenal work our healthcare system does. Locum’s Nest has patients’ best interests at heart and by recruiting and retaining doctors to regularly do shifts at one organisation, patient care is increased through access to familiar clinicians at local practices and ultimately ensures seamless and optimal patient care.

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