29th July 2019

Image: Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust were recently awarded with the Skills for Health Quality Mark, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality training and learning provision. We recently spoke to Gemma Brown at Oxford Health about the Quality Mark and what made them decide to undergo the process.



Why did you initially undertake the Quality Mark?

When we initially applied to become Excellence Centre co-hosts, we went in with the commitment to deliver excellence and being able to evidence the quality of our training and learning provision. As an employer provider of apprenticeships, we found the process really useful to do especially with an upcoming Ofsted visit. It allowed us to look at our processes critically whilst acting as a steer to ensure we had documented our processes and had the relevant data prepared. The process required a lot of data collection and preparation, which was rather rigorous but worthwhile undertaking.

How did you find working with Skills for Health?

Overall, it was a very positive experience. We had really good communication with the assessor. They acted as a facilitator with the questioning designed to help us evidence the information which in turn, allowed us the opportunity to showcase our provision. The level of feedback was good, and the report was received very quickly.

Neil Barrett at Skills for Health was helpful, attentive and on-hand, he was proactive and quick with communication ensuring we were fully supported throughout.

What recommendation would you offer to another organisation wishing to undertake the Quality Mark?

Undertaking the Quality Mark is not as scary or onerous as it first might appear. We found it very useful to examine processes in detail, to look at the overall structure. It’s not an easy process, there is an element of rigour involved as you’d expect however this is necessary for the quality assurance process. It’s a robust and valid way to evaluate the quality of education you are providing.

For more information on the Quality Mark click here. To speak to someone about the Quality Mark, call us on 0207 388 8800 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how we can help.