09th July 2019

Image: NEWS (National Early Warning Scores).Originally launched in 2012, NEWS (National Early Warning Scores) is a tool developed by The Royal College of physicians (RCP) which improves the detection and response to the clinical deterioration in adult patients and is a key element of patient safety and improving patient outcomes.

Following a recent review of the NEWS course by RCP, Skills for Health and OCB Media have launched the National Early Warning Scores 2 (NEWS2) in all five modules. This update features a number of refinements that have been developed and implemented by OCB Media. Available exclusively from Skills for Health, this revised NEWS2 elearning course is for staff working in Acute Care, Primary Care, Mental Health, Ambulance Care and Care Home environments. This includes NHS Trusts, Third Sector health and care providers and via University clinical training faculties.

Based on user feedback, OCB Media has introduced several new outcomes including the identification of sepsis and hypercapnic patients, recognising the importance of new-onset confusion, or disorientation as a sign of potentially serious clinical deterioration.

Nicholas Blackwell PhD, Director of OCB Media Ltd says; ‘OCB Media are delighted to be partnering with Skills for Health in the ongoing drive to standardise the use of NEWS2 across the healthcare sector. The elearning content, developed in collaboration with the RCP, University College London Hospital and the NIHR Northwest London CLARHC, is the only official training companion for NEWS2. Authored by the same team of healthcare professionals who developed the first generation NEWS courses, this new elearning module provides the most accurate and up-to-date training resource available.'

Formally endorsed by NHS England and NHS Improvement, currently 100% of ambulance trusts and 76% of acute trusts across England, are now using NEWS2, with other early warning scores in place in other areas.

Jim Moran, Regional Director of Skills for Health says: ‘Skills for Health are keen to see a significant reduction in the number of patients at risk of their condition deteriorating whilst in hospital, or directly related care settings. A standardised early warning system such as NEWS2 adopted across the entire healthcare system will support all health and social care environments to achieve this ambition. Although over 280,000 healthcare professionals have completed the online competency training in the use of NEWS, confusion is still being caused by current variation in practice, compromising patient safety. This can be significantly mitigated by the use of a common tool like NEWS2.'

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