10th June 2019

Image: Pharmacist Apprenticeship Proposal.Following the publication of a number of articles, blogs and social media comments, Skills for Health would like to reiterate our involvement in the development of the Pharmacist Apprenticeship.

Skills for Health have been commissioned by Health Education England (HEE) to provide facilitation and technical expertise in regard to the apprenticeship standard and end point assessment, to several trailblazer groups. 

As part of this same programme of work, we have been commissioned to support a group of employers, who will formally come together, following a dedicated stakeholder event on 18th July, should they wish to pursue a pharmacist apprenticeship proposal to the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education. It is up to the individual, interested employers, as to whether they wish to declare their interest prior to this stakeholder event.

At this time, Skills for Health is providing administrative and organisational support in relation to this event, which the employers will facilitate in July.  Skills for Health was commissioned to support this work subsequent to the development and submission of the original proposal and cannot confirm which employers were involved. 

Skills for Health, part of The Workforce Development Trust, is a not-for-profit organisation committed to the development of an improved and sustainable healthcare workforce across the UK. Established in 2002 as the Sector Skills Council for the UK health sector, it helps the NHS and other healthcare organisations deliver outstanding services through better workforce planning, design and development, so that staff have the skills and understanding needed to develop their expertise, improve their performance and operate effectively in the workplace.