10th April 2019

Image: Healthcare Horizons programme, an initiative run by Barts Health NHS Trust in London.Work has recently started on evaluating the Healthcare Horizons programme, an initiative run by Barts Health NHS Trust in London.

The programme, which helps young people in east London to take the first steps in NHS careers in healthcare and health sciences, aims to make improvements to recruiting and retention by providing suitably qualified and prepared staff from the local community.

It also aims to raise the awareness of the vast career opportunities available in the health sector, encouraging and helping young people from local communities access higher education and embark on health careers.

Andrew Attfield, Associate Director, Public Health, Barts Health NHS Trust, said: “Barts Health needs to draw on as much local talent as it can to carry on delivering great healthcare for East London. Its People Strategy identifies local communities as a key source for this, as an accessible source of labour that is attuned to local needs and is already living in the area. The trust wants to test out the Healthcare Horizons initiative to see if working directly with schools and college can improve the quality and quantity of applicants for jobs and careers, and provide an exemplar for the rest of the healthcare economy.”

Skills for Health will evaluate the Healthcare Horizons programme by measuring how, if, and to what extent, the programme’s suggested outcomes have been reached and actualised – and if it has delivered on its intended outcomes against investment.

The evaluation will further explore what impact the programme and its outcomes have on the young people taking part and their respective communities.

Several pieces of work are planned over the coming two years as part of the evaluation, and the work will be led by Jon Parry and Sabina Enback from Skills for Health’s research team. The results of this long-term evaluation are expected to be delivered in 2021.

Image: pandrcutts, Barts, CC BY 2.0