06th March 2019

Image: HASO and HEE logos.Recently, Healthcare Apprenticeship Standards Online (HASO) and Health education England (HEE) have launched two new apprenticeship tools for employers on the HASO toolkit: the pathways tool and the costing calculator.

The pathways tool allows employers to download examples of typical apprenticeship pathways or ‘create your own’, stepping from one apprenticeship to the next. Can be used in conjunction with existing staff to focus on career options, with potential apprentices to explain what a healthcare career may look like or use it yourself to decide your next career move. The tool allows employers to personalise and download pathways to save, share or refer to later.

“HEE are delighted to have worked with Skills for Health to develop these tools. Managers from across the health sector have been asking for help with apprenticeship career planning and I know the pathway tool will give them the flexibility they require to look at existing routes as well as developing new ones themselves. The costing tool is so quick and easy to use that I can see lots of managers accessing it regularly to help with their workforce planning and budgeting requirements.”

Jane Hadfield, National Senior Programme Manager – Apprenticeships
Health Education England

“People always think you have to step from level 2 to 3 to 4, but you can actually step straight in at the higher level if you have the skills and experience already. The tool allows you to start from any point.”

Dawn Grant, Project Manager (Support Worker Development)
Health Education England Working across North London

“Progression can be sideways or down. It’s not always hierarchical. Sometimes you will be working at a level 6 as a registered professional and yet do a level 3 apprenticeship in management. The categories option in the tool allow you to sidestep and recognises dual-professionality.”

Paul Marijetic, Education Manager
Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

The costing calculator allows employers to quickly calculate the estimated cost of an apprentice. The tool is an easy-to-use ready reckoner that quickly and effectively allows you to work through the key financial implications. It’s useful for all staff involved in planning and supporting apprenticeship implementation across health organisations in the statutory, independent or private sector. The tool has been developed following several apprenticeship development projects.

“We initially developed a set of spreadsheets that worked through various scenarios, but it was time consuming and complex. The tool has been designed to allow you to work through many different scenarios; choosing any combination of different apprenticeship standards with their associated funding band, changeable delivery times and salaries – allowing you to understand the different financial implications at the touch of a button. This tool is only about exploring scenarios and you will still need to engage with your finance departments to fully explore the financial details of your apprenticeship implementation plans.”

Jan Parfitt, Senior Consultant
Workforce Development Trust

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