26th July 2017

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This report, commissioned by Health Education England in the West Midlands, throws light on current activity on integrated Apprenticeships and makes recommendations for further work.

Led by Skills for Care, the report is the product of collaborative research with Skills for Health and highlights examples of good practice in this increasingly important area of integrated working. It identifies challenges faced and demonstrates how these can be addressed. Solutions are brought to life through the inclusion of six case studies.

A key finding is that there is a trajectory of integrated Apprenticeships from joint learning through to fully integrated Apprenticeships:

• Stage 1 - Bringing health and social care apprentices together for joint learning
• Stage 2 - Offering rotational placements
• Stage 3 - Providing fully integrated roles
• Stage 4 - Truly integrated schemes with dual employers

Most integrated Apprenticeships are currently at stage 2 and commitment is required from organisations and partnerships to work with Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships to increase the number of rotational Apprenticeships. It should remain a longer term ambition to expand appropriate job roles and then work towards developing a national integrated pathway in conjunction with the Trailblazer employers.

 The following key successes of integrated Apprenticeships were identified through the study: 

• Encouraged an integrated culture and sharing of learning
• Provided valuable work experience in different sectors
• Improved partnership working
• Facilitated the acquisition of a diverse range of knowledge and skills
• Provided early indications of sustainable integrated Apprenticeship programmes
The full report including an executive summary and other resources to support managers is available on HEE West Midlands Learning: http://learning.wm.hee.nhs.uk/node/910

HEE, Skills for Care and Skills for Health will continue to promote the concept of integrated Apprenticeships and are currently working through the recommendations for discussion at the September meeting of HEE’s Talent for Care and Widening Participation Implementation Group.

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